COVID-19 Covid injection sceptics are apparently dying like flies


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On plane from Slovakia, Pope Francis references Cardinal Burke's hospitalization with Covid: "Even in the college of cardinals,
there are some vaccine deniers, and one of them, poor man, is in hospital with the virus. It’s an irony of life." :p

Bergoglio laughing at the misfortune of a fellow Bishop who is sick. That sums him up as a person.

Ironically Cardinal Burke only got sick after visiting the Vatican.
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Possibly due to other illnesses going untreated due to Covid panic. Also the suicide rate is up.

Youre missing the point here. The twitter post says theres no evidence of a pandemic because burials / cremations are at the same rate as other years.

If you compare actual deaths you will see that deaths are up in 2020 very clearly.

His data set was faulty. Completely.

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