COVID-19 Irish Pubs reopening discussion thread


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Exactly, though Dunphys was a great spot years ago. Now one has a greater variety of venues all along the whole coastline and associated parks, just bring your own bottle, entertainment, and friends. Seating is the easy part.

The perfect buddy for all your outdoor activities such as travelling, festivals, beach trips, hanging out in the park and much more.
You only need two scoops of air and you’re ready for relaxation. No pumps needed!
You can sit on it, lay and relax or just lounge on it.

  • Deflates in seconds
  • Easy to carry.
  • Lightweight and durable fabric.
  • Water and “wipe clean” stain resistant heavy duty Nylon.
  • Portable
  • Comfortable
  • Quick & easy setup
  • No Pump needed
  • Carry-bag included
  • Ideal on the beach, the swimming pool, take it with when you go fishing, camping, hiking and just about anywhere

Perfect for all year round when the Retractable Roof is Finished.


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Nice few pints with some overseas visitors last night in a local establishment.
No questions asked, no Nazi papers required.👍


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In the town where I live 90% of the pubs are no longer checking for vax status.
More like 100% here, which is great to see.On a separate point pubs are noticibly quiter in my experience, pubs you would Squeeze into on a Friday are half empty around Dub city centre, maybe just lack of tourists?

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