COVID-19 The Vaccinated Are Catching and spreading Covid


A lot of people have spouses or partners or one kind or other. What closer contact can there be than sexual intercourse and kissing. I half the population
are in this group, then for every one who can infect there are two. If Paddy is a barman and his wife is a nurse. Each contact either one makes = 2.

If 38% of the population is an infection then if half are in the above category, 38% 19% are a danger = 58%.


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Despite how obvious it is as to the cause of her demise, from the story it sounds like it won't be registered as a vaccine death. She thinks she magically developed a life threatening heart condition out of nowhere.

Poor stupid woman. Bitter and wrong until the very end.
Good site, thanks for posting. The temptation to laugh is hard to resist until you remember that these are just scared people that were brainwashed into committing suicide by their governments and news media.

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