COVID-19 Vaccine Reactions Thread


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Joe Duffy engaged in a ful on assault on 'anti vaxxers' and particularly Callum Robinson right now.
Is Joe in the Undertakers Gimp Outfit = = Does Joe know that Callum Robinson is a Black Fella and Not Mary Robinsons Love Child ? ? šŸ˜²

Canā€™t be having a go at the Black Fella Joe = = That would be Racist Joe !

Stop playing with your Todger, Joe ! ! šŸ˜²


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The strange world of conspiracy where one can read about adverse injection reactions - and it's a conspiracy? From Pharma? or from the Injexxed injured, is it their conspiracy or a conspiracy against them or is it a conspiracy against the injexx curious or is it a conspiracy for the medical industrial complex yo remain blameless for their influence.
Time will tell, or perhaps you will?
What's going on around here??

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